"Every beginning is difficult". That's not true! Our windsurfing school offers training according to VDWS guidelines (Association of German Watersports Schools). This ensures ease of learning with proven teaching methodology at different skill levels. Because there is no greater disappointment than when you come to your course and encounter unqualified teachers.

Basic Windsurfing Course

For beginners the best course to get everything right from the beginning. You learn the basic techniques of windsurfing, so that you can let your freedom blow at different wind strengths and wind directions, and windsurfing is no longer a mystery to you.

Course duration 5 days, 2,5 hours per day

Price including surfing suit and textbook: 260 €


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Intermediate Windsurfing Course

This course catapults you into the league of windsurfers who attract admiring glances and increases the fun factor many times over. Because there's nothing better than planning over the waves with a surfboard, feeling the wind on your face and singing your heart. This course is designed to refresh and deepen the contents of the basic course, as well as to learn modern, energy-saving techniques (gybe, beach start, how to use the harness or foot straps).

Course duration: 5 days, 2,5 hours per day

Price including surfing suit and harness: 290 €


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Windsurfing for Children

A windsurfing course for kids is not about winning or losing. First and foremost, it is about putting the seeds of pleasure in sport. According to studies, this seed grows and blossoms to a healthy self-confidence, fitness, patience, stamina and higher, academic performance.

Light children rigs, small groups, safety boats and our competent teaching team make this possible!

Duration: 5 days, 2,5 hours per day

Price including surfing suit and textbook: 210 €


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Windsurfing Minicourse

When the wind blows the decision, some seek shelter in the harbor while others set sail. Because decisions need courage. This mini course is the "everything is possible" variant of our windsurfing programs and makes it easier for short holidaymakers and young people to make a smart entry into the basic techniques of windsurfing.

Course duration: 3 days, approx. 2,5 hours per day.

Price including surfing suit: 170 €


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Windsurfing Certificate

At the end of every course successful trainees are issued an internationally acknowledged windsurfing certificate (VDWS). This certificate entitles holders to hire windsurfing crafts at all water stations, and certifies their skills.


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Our windsurfing school offers the following equipment for rental:

  1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Beginners´ board 20 35 48 170 (10-card)
Funboard 25 45 60 200 (10-card)
Wetsuit 3 5 7
Harness 3 5 7


All prices in euro/ 10-card incl. wetsuit & harness