Alcudia News

  • #weareback

    The last few weeks required a lot of patience and civil obedience. Now, for many the need to finally experience each day is stronger than ever!

    The hardest time is behind us and we have realized how important and valuable the “little things” are, which we may not had paid enough attention to before.

    Perhaps it gives us the feeling of being freer again and to have more strength and courage to face the new challenges, to tackle things that we have been putting off for years.

    This also includes appreciating and enjoying leisure time - defying the wind and water while sailing or windsurfing. And being proud of yourself at sunset at the end of the day - with a cool drink in hand. Perhaps it is not the result that is so important, but simply being happy about the day that you have experienced.


  • Spring in Mallorca

    The spring in Mallorca shows itself from its best side in full splendor and zest for life. The almond blossom, like every year a highlight, accompanied by sun and pleasant temperatures, makes you forget all the world's problems - hurricanes, corona virus or the debate about climate change.

    And we, as water sports enthusiasts, can be proud of our leisure activities, because water sports such as sailing or windsurfing are climate-neutral activities. Here you can only advance with your own muscular strength or with the strength of nature, if you know how to tame it. And if the wind sometimes slackens, then kayaking or SUP are the order of the day.

    There are only a few weeks left and the fun continues. We open our station on April 10th and we are ready to start, and you?

  • Summer is here!

    The summer caught us cold this year. As soon as it started the temperatures in many parts of Europe were almost 40° C.

    Actually, you expect the heat in the summer but please not so !!! What to do?

    There are still some retreats where the summer is not so hot and the proximity to the water makes it a pleasure, for example, here with us!