Sailing School

Why our customers like to come back?

There's nothing like planning over the water with a sailboat and feeling the wind. Mark Twain said, "Untie the knots, run out of the safe haven. Catch the trade winds with your sails. Explore. Dream."

Our water sports center cultivates this idea with professional sailing programs for almost all skill levels and age groups.

We offer daily trips with skipper as well.

Basic Sailing Course

This course is the answer to the question how do I learn sailing best and amaze all beginners. In front of the wonderful backdrop of one of Mallorca's most beautiful sandy beaches, you'll playfully learn the basics of sailing and can complete it with the sailing certificate of VDWS (Association of German Water Sports Schools).

Course duration: Monday-Friday, 3 hours a day; apart from the course free sailing is also possible.

Price: 280 €; first sailing certificate: 30 €


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Special Sailing

Sailing is like all other sports. After the basic course, you can get along quite well with a sailboat. But the ultimate sailing fun comes in more demanding boats like lasers, RS boats or catamarans. Based on your sailing basic education / experience, this course serves you as a perfection program for sporty sailing.

Course duration: 5 days, 3 hours daily

Price: 295€


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Children Sailing

Many studies show that sailing training helps children develop important life skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem and resistance. Our children's sailing course gives them the playful freedom to explore the world of sailing with ease and joy, and to live their spirit of discovery.

Prerequisite is the ability to swim. At the end, the children can obtain the junior certificate of the VDWS (Association of German Watersport Schools).

Course duration: 5 days, 2,5 hours daily

Price: 210 € (Junior Basic Sailing License 20€)


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Sailing Mini Course

How many times has your inner voice kept you from having fantastic opportunities and you have regretted it afterwards? But not this time!

Our mini sailing course takes away all your concerns and gives undecided and short vacationers a quick start into independent sailing. One of our most popular sailing programs.

Course duration: 3 days, 3 hours per day

Price: 190 €.


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Our sailing school offers the following equipment for rental:

    1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 1 day  
Optimist 1-2 children 25 40 55 75  
RS Tera 1 pers. 30 45 60 85
RS Zest 1-2 pers. 35 50 65 90
Laser Classic 1 pers. 30 45 60 85  
Laser 2000 Fun 1-2 pers. 35 50 65 90  
Dinghy 1-5 pers. 35 55 70 100  
Catamaran K3 1-2 pers. 40 65 85 130  
Catamaran K2 2-3 pers. 48 80 105 140