Windsurfing Equipment



Our watersports school Wind&Friends craft park comprises of Heyfly, Fanatic Geco and Starboard with volume 105l till 240l.  School sails from VDWS and rental sails from North and Gunsails for every class range between 1.5 and 7.9 m2.

Kids of only 7 years of age (according to bodyweight) can be trained in windsurfing using lightweight aluminium rigs.

Sailing Boats

3 Optimist boats (for children)
1 RS Tera (one-man boat)
1 RS Zest (1-2 man boat)
1 Laser Classic (one-man boat)
1 Laser Fun (two-men boat)
4 Galeons”- dinghis (training and free time boats for 1–5 person)
3 Catamarans “TOPCAT K2” (crew of 1-3)
1 Catamaran “TOPCAT K3” (crew of 1-2)


7 boards  Bic   9´6 - 11´6


1 single

1 double