For Kids

Get out of movement poverty – and into the water!

Children have a natural urge to be in motion. Start today and give your child the enjoyment of movement. An experience and an important contribution to a healthy development. With child orientated methodology and forms of play we offer fun and an active way to spend their leisure time.  Look at the faces in the photo and there is no need for words!  Here is our offer for children between 6-13 years.

“Try Out” Windsurfing               (2.5 hours: price 60€)

The windsurfing school “Wind and Friends” Watersports Mallorca provides a brief introduction for children who want to learn how to surf and are undecided. Let`s us try it and if it is fun to surf, the holiday can begin with children`s surf course.

“Try Out” Sailing                        (2.5 hours: price 60€)

If you are not sure whether the sailing holiday in Mallorca is the right thing for your children, then the “try out” is the best option.  Our sailing school will teach your children the first steps of dinghy sailing…. and the optimist course is ideal for beginners.

Basic Course Windsurfing           (5 days, 2.5 hours: price 210€)

The wide and sandy beach of Alcudia that slopes slightly towards the water is known to be the most child-friendly beach of Mallorca. The area, protected from strong winds and waves is an ideal place for learning sailing and windsurfing. Our instructors will introduce your children into the beautiful nature sport and they will never forget the surfing holiday in Alcudia.

Basic Course Sailing                    (5 days, 2.5 hours: price 210€)

Something to learn for life?  Yes, it is true that one can live without sailing, but also with it - and even better. A sport that, you can learn easily and practice well into old age. And if you want to rent a boat for your child it needs a VDWS basic sailing license that we can provide during a sailing course. So, learn to sail and then you can rent a boat – now the sailing vacation has nothing in its way.

Intermediate courses by appointment         (5 days, 2.5 hours: price 270€)

And for repeaters, who very much appreciate sailing and windsurfing on Mallorca, we have the advanced courses: dinghy sailing, windsurfing or cat sailing. Depending on your skill we offer individual attention and personalized service.